I am a young professional , seeking to work and learn from the best.



2007 – 2011
Business school, University of Nottingham

top 10 business school in the UK

BA in Finance Accounting and Management, honours degree: Focused on personal development and entrepreneurial mindset and skills, with special interest in entrepreneurial activities and related modules including marketing, business strategy, entrepreneurship and business operation. While studying, joined NE-Nottingham Entrepreneurs society, participated in business plan competition, NACUE, iCUE and later Dreamstake.

  •  One of four shortlisted applicants for Enterprised Inc business plan with final prize of £10 000.
  • Vietnam delegate at iCUE.

2006 – 2007
City of Westminster college, London 

Intensive A-level maths, AA grade with average of 88, 99 in C4 and 97 in C1 .


2005 – 2007
City of Westminster college, London 

BTEC in IT Practitioners, one of three Distinction marks in final year project.


2003 – 2004
NEU – National Economic University, Hanoi

BA in Finance, honours degree


Other Qualifications

  •  Level 2 Food safety and Hygiene
  •  Nutrition and Healthy eating certificate



2003 to date
Viet Food channel 

Founder. Start her Vietnamese food Journey


TOPICA Founder Institute, Vietnam

Contributor. Supported Viet Tech Startups connect to international investors.


2012 to 2013
Quán Ăn Ngon, Vietnam

Restaurant Supervisor. Recruited, trained and supervise staffs.


2012 to date
Afamily magazine, Vietnam

Food writer, cook and food photographer


Europe culinary trip

Back-packer for one month. Travelled through France, Italy with some time spent in Hungary, Greece and Spain, tasted food that I had only heard of, discovered local foods, met new friends.

  • Adapted with constant chances in environment, weather and culture
  • Overcame homesick feeling, personal illness and kept traveling
  • Learnt to be well-prepared


Vietnam culinary trip

Back-packer  for two weeks. Travelled to Hanoi – Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An – Ho chi Minh, tasted real local foods, explored Vietnamese classic dishes and experienced culture differences

Banhmi11 – Vietnamese baguette in London

Head-chef and kitchen manager. Responsible for quality control, budgeting and purchasing ingredients, hygiene training, shift scheduling and staff management.


iCUE – International consortium of University Entrepreneurs

Vietnam delegate Worked with Victoria Lennox, Tobias Hug and Professor Alan Barrel to connect iCUE to Vietnam.


Banhmi11 and Vietnamese restaurants, London – UK

Waitress and kitchen staff. Provided best cooking skills and catering experience among staff to satisfy customers and managers.


Blue Arrow Catering  Nottingham – UK

Waiting staff and kitchen assistant in the Ministry of Defense, race courts, Hilton hotel, Ariana and  other places. Proved to be a quick learner who rapidly adapted to new environments and new colleagues to provide desired services


  • Problem solving. Being a left-left handed with rich imagination, having ability to listen attentively and to see the whole picture, I’ve always have alternative solutions when facing problems while traveling or working in a dynamic environments such as kitchen that are prone to error.
  • Communication and interpersonal. Having innate ability to listen and understand people, I proved to be a counselor to people around me.
  • Leadership. I prefer to work in the backstage and support people but proved to be an influential leader when needed.

About huyenchi11

Huyen Chi was born in a foodie family and trained to cook at 6 year old. At 8 year old, she started to manage her family kitchen: planning meal, purchasing ingredients and cooking. She learnt first from mum but much more from grand-dad, the head-chef of the the family, an army nurse who travelled from place to place, tasted local food and cooked it.

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