Organising pop-up restaurant with Banhmi11 in London 3


It was a great opportunities to work with Van and Anh, the founders of banhmi11 – the first Vietnamese baguette in London.  .

They were amazing partners. We planned out the event, we purchased and prepared ingredients, we cooked and served till night.
We were all exhausted but happy at the same time.

People do not like my floating cake much, they said, it’s like chewing gum because it chewy.
People rated my clam noodle the 1st, the love the fragrant vietnamese mint and love the broth.

About huyenchi11

Huyen Chi was born in a foodie family and trained to cook at 6 year old. At 8 year old, she started to manage her family kitchen: planning meal, purchasing ingredients and cooking. She learnt first from mum but much more from grand-dad, the head-chef of the the family, an army nurse who travelled from place to place, tasted local food and cooked it.

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