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What is xoi vo?
Xôi vò is vietnamese mung bean coasted sticky rice.
Xôi: steamed sticky rice
Vò: rubbing and fluffing
Traditionally, we use hands to rub and fluff steamed sticky rice with cooked mung bean’s powder to separate rice grains from one another. That how it’s named Xôi Vò.
There are translation of xôi vò as steamed sticky rice with mung bean.This is confusing because, apart from xôi vò, we have xôi đỗ xanh and xôi xéo which are also the combination of sticky rice and green mung bean. While it’s obvious that đỗ xanh means green mung bean; I do not know exactly what xéo mean. In general, xéo means step on something by accident. So I guess, there must be a story behind it such as somebody by accident jumped on Xôi Vò so rice grains sticked together in groups(typical xôi xéo, rice by groups); or some one made xôi vò but didn’t success and called it xôi xéo as the subordinate, the lower class of xôi vò.

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