A Cook , A Rule breaker


Food is the centre of our family, it speaks love.

I was born in a foodie family. We love to cook and love good food.
Since I was 6-8 year old, mum trained me to cook. She thought, a girl must be a good cook.
Thank to her, even  “must” is was longer holding true, cooking gave me so much pleasure and good food made our special occasions become joyful experiences.

Apart from mum, I learnt so much from my grandparents (mum’s parents).
Since I was a little girl, every summer my parents sent us to our grands. My grand-mum was very creative in her cooking. She made change to the ordinary way of cooking and mixing. And my grand-dad would always willing to try her new dishes and complemented her.

Talking about grand-dad, he was a good cook himself. Being a well educated army nurse, he travelled to many difference places, tried several dishes and observing diversified cooking methods.

With a wire-range of food knowledge and experiences, he never asked me to cook food in a certain way. He taught me the basic cooking principle and let me go my way. He then will always tasted my food and gave me the possible alternatives, and loved that to dead since I was a creative creature and couldn’t stand the strict rules.

I love the idea that a part from cooking principles, I can always try new things, create new dishes, and nothing can go wrong about that.

I love the idea that when you know the rule, you can break the rule.

– Huyen Chi –

About huyenchi11

Huyen Chi was born in a foodie family and trained to cook at 6 year old. At 8 year old, she started to manage her family kitchen: planning meal, purchasing ingredients and cooking. She learnt first from mum but much more from grand-dad, the head-chef of the the family, an army nurse who travelled from place to place, tasted local food and cooked it. http://huyenchi11.com/about/

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