she’s a really cool chick to talk with. She really has passion for food and cooking. Her facebook is full of tips how to cook and photos of food :)Hope I could try your food one day, Huyen oi!
Hồng Hoàng


Huyen is a very kind and smart girl. She’s also a great kitchen expert! We spent one evening chatting of beautiful travels and good food. I learnt a lot of things! Keep an eye on her because she’s gonna become a great writer! Huyen! I want my signed copy of your book! 😉
Alb Erto


Huyen is my friend from University of Nottingham. An enthusiastic cook currently on the voyage around Europe to learn more about our cousines. She is very enthusiastic and friendly. If you like food or talking about food I think she cant come more recommended.

Lukasz Bonenberg


Huyen is a passionate and dedicated lover for Vietnamese cuisine. She is also admired for her unique sense and style in this area of food business.
Ha Hoang


Your photos are awesome-and i think your writing is great!- ‘It’s super – moist, rich, you taste.quality chocolate, kiss fragrant coffee’- now THAT sentence made me imagine so much- and u wrote it.
I like reading your posts about food- very interesting. have u considered being a travel food writer?
Anu Daniel


Oh this made me miss Vietnam so much! I lived there for 9 months in the Mekong Delta as a volunteer and I absolutely loved it. The food, people and culture – all so welcoming and wonderful. Thanks for reminding me of the food and sights of Hoi An. Great hub!
Rufus rambles from Australia


Even if you don’t tell the secret, I can guess. It is the tender loving care on how you prepare each dish. Thanks you for sharing. I am voting all the way up!
BIZBSACRAMENTO from Sacramento


Great Hub! That summer roll looks amazing and I’ll have to give this recipe a go sometime soon. Voted up and interesting.Mritzert1 from Canton, OH




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